Best 4 Vote Blue product ideas for the 2022 midterm elections.

#1. Removable stickers.

We love this one because it’s just as much fun sharing these with friends, family and neighbors as it is using them.

Removable – These stickers are made with a low-tack adhesive that is easy to remove. So it will come off anything you put it on quickly and without a mess. So put these on windows, computers, skateboards, car bumpers, car windows, doors, just about anywhere you can think of.

Great Gifts – This item is most frequently bought in 5 and 15 share-packs. So you can share with friends & family or hand out at rallies and events for an excellent face-to-face laugh at “The Donald’s” expense. Our most popular anti trump sticker is 4″X6″, which is nicely visible, but not too in-your-face. It’s UV coated so that it will stand up to fading, and when the election is over, pick a corner and peel it right off.

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#2. Yard Sign.

This sign in your window or in front of your house says we stand with all Democrats in 2022, and the image and lettering is highly visible and easy to read. So a passer by in a car will know at a glance what the sign says.

A little smaller than standard yard signs, 20 inches by 12. So it is perfect for doubling as a lightweight placard to hold up at a rally or place in your window if you do not have a front yard. These signs are available with stakes for yard placement and without stakes if you want them for your window or a rally. You can choose which is best.

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#3 Pin Back Button

Great for giveaways at rallies and protests, or for friends, family and neighbors to enjoy. They show democratic affiliation for all progressive candidates.

A great accessory to any jacket lapel, backpack, handbag, hat, or coat. One of the most fun things about these is we have share-packs available so you can get more than just one for others you know.

We see many more 5-packs,10-packs, and 20-packs sold that just one button. I think everyone likes to share this item. This button is 2.25″ X 2.25″, so it’s big enough to be visible. But, not one of those giant buttons that scream at full volume all the time.

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#4. T-shirts

Who wouldn’t want to go to a pro-democratic rally with this laugh-inducing shirt?

The classic rally goers T-shirts are available in unisex crew neck for both women and men. Available in every size and many colors. You will be the envy of any 2022 rally or pro-democracy event by wearing this shirt.

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