Anti Trump Bumper Sticker – without 2024


Height: 3.25 Inches; Width: 9 Inches

– Removable vinyl sticker – low tack adhesive
– UV Coated for Long Life
– Made in the USA
– Indoor / Outdoor Use
– Great for car windows & bumpers, glass of any type, all other smooth clean surfaces
Click here to watch this short VIDEO on the removable nature of this sticker, how and where to apply it, and how easy it is to remove.:-)


STD – Stop the Donald | An anti-Trump bumper sticker for 2020 with a nickname that really sticks.  Join us in calling out Trump for the infection that he is to our Country.

Trump has given so many nicknames to his political opponents.  Liberal candidates will not stoop to his level, so we have to do it for them. This Anti-Trump bumper sticker says it all.  So let’s stop the infection!

This anti trump sticker can be affixed to any smooth clean surface.  It is made with strong vinyl material and a removable adhesive.  So when you want to take it off, it will be easy and not make a mess.

This Sticker is 3.25 inches by 9 inches long.

The design shows Trump’s silly orange face and sweeping red and blue hair. A true parody of his vanity.  Just one of his many, many insecurities.

So if you want to show your distaste for this former President.  And really give him an appropriate nickname for his campaign, this anti-Trump sticker is for you. Stop the Donald.

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Weight .85 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 in

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