Not Rep My Values – Removable Bumper & Window Sticker


Height: 3 Inches; Width: 9 Inches

– Removable vinyl sticker – low tack adhesive
– Share Pack for Friends & Family
– UV Coated for Long Life
– Made in USA
– Indoor / Outdoor Use
– Great for car windows & bumpers, glass of any type, all other smooth clean surfaces

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A 5 pack of Anti Trump Values Bumper Stickers  opposing Donald Trump’s values. A share pack of 5 for friends and family. We believe in American values like diversity, compassion, truth, honesty, hard work, tolerance and science. Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated that he does not possess the same values. These anti Trump Bumper Stickers show your opposition to his values in a clear and visible way that builds awareness for a safer and saner community.

These bumper stickers are 9 inches b 3 inches, and is highly visible.  Made with a strong vinyl material with a removable adhesive.  So it will come off easily and in once piece.  When the election is over, you can remove it without difficulty.

Many Americans are looking for ways to display their opposition. These stickers do it in a non-confrontation manner.  They simply state that you do not agree with Trump’s values.  So let you voice be heard without being mean or angry.

No one can sit out this very important election.  It may be the most consequential election in modern history.

So get out and support your candidate. Do everything you possibly can to make sure we remove Trump from office.  Be visible in your community, display your opposition, and vote out Trump in 2020!

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See more Anti Trump products here.

Weight 1.42 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 in

Share 5-Pack, Share 15-Pack, One Sticker

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