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Joe Biden 2021 Inauguration Sticker | Car

Biden Inauguration Removable Bumper & Window Sticker


Height: 4 Inches; Width: 6 Inches

– Removable vinyl sticker – low tack adhesive
– UV Coated for Long Life
– Made in the USA
– Indoor / Outdoor Use
– Great for car windows & bumpers, glass of any type, all other smooth clean surfaces
Click here to watch this short VIDEO on the removable nature of this sticker, how and where to apply it, and how easy it is to remove.:-)

YES WE DID! This is the Joe Biden 2021 inauguration sticker you will want to have to remind you of our democratic victory during this very challenging time.

This sticker celebrates both Joe Biden’s inauguration and the removal of the Trump disease from our country.

Like millions of Americans, we are overjoyed that Donald Trump is on his way out. And that a highly experienced Joe Biden will be ready to hit the ground running on January 20th, 2021. So let’s all celebrate our accomplishment, and build back better with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Available in many quantities, so you can share them with friends, family, co-workers, anybody.

Removable Adhesive VIDEO Apply these anti-trump stickers to any smooth clean surface.  Made with strong vinyl material and a low tack removable adhesive.  So when you want to take it off, it will be easy and not make a mess.


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