Neuter the GOP | Vote blue in 2022
Neuter the GOP Sign | Vote Blue in 22
Assortment of Roe V Wade Signs
Vote Blue in 22 - Anti Gun - Women's Rights

Neuter the GOP Yard Sign


– 12 X 18 Inches in size.
– Great for Windows.
– White corrugated plastic yard sign printed on both sides with or without stakes.
– Great Gift

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This hysterical and “Nasty” Neuter the GOP T yard sign is perfect for anyone who wants some payback against the GOP for what they have done to Women’s Rights. Remind everyone you see that we have a choice to get payback by voting Blue up and down the ticket and make a difference for women everywhere.

If you are as angry with the conservative GOP party, and their bogus claim that they are pro-life, then this sign is for you. What they actually are is Anti-woman.  They don’t like women. If a bunch of white men can make decisions on what women can do with their bodies, then women should be able to figuratively neuter those same men by voting for the liberal party, and Democratic candidates in the 2022 election.

With the looming Supreme Court ruling on Roe V Wade, it’s crucial to show support for abortion rights and a woman’s right to make choices about her own body. You can bring this pro-choice yard sign to a rally or display it as a yard sign in front of your house or in a window.  Let people know you are Pro-choice and support abortion rightsreproductive rightswomen’s rights, choice, and just basic human rights.
Equal rights for all women across all states is what we want. And what we want to express with this sign. Our beliefs represent the clear majority of Americans, and ultimately we will prevail.
These signs are also available in 2 packs and 3 packs to share with friends and family. Or to share with neighbors so you can see these signs in front of more houses on your block.

All have free shipping and normally get in the mail in 1 day.  This year let’s use our anger to vote blue in 2022 in every state and every election. And lets change these outdated ideas and laws that restrict women’s rights.

Be politically active, be visible, and Vote Blue in 22 and let’s neuter some conservatives!! See here for more Vote Blue in 22 Political Merchandise

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 22 × 14 in
Multi Packs

Share-2 Pack w/STAKES, 1 Sign w/STAKES, 1Sign NO STAKES, 2Signs NO STAKES, 3Signs NO STAKES

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