In order to resist a Donald Trump presidency, all of us need to stand up and let him hear our voices loud and clear!  There many ways that you can join our movement.
The first step is to affirm that positive ethics and values are the foundation upon which progressive and civil societies should govern themselves.  There are no exceptions and there can be no yielding until we right this wrong.

No good can come from an individual who rose to power through bullying, lying, fear, racism, bigotry, misogyny and hate.  These are the negative and lesser of human traits that all decent people must rally against.  Never forget this and remain vigilant as the next four years will likely be an attempt to convince you otherwise.

Individually, you can:
  • – Talk to everyone you know, even distant friends on Facebook who might secretly or not-so-secretly be pro-Trump, and convince them of the catastrophic impact of a Trump presidency.  Know the talking points and counter arguments.
  • Purchase an item from our website and wear it proudly to show your dissent.
  • – Continually seek to become active in peaceful civil disobedience.  Understand that to be silent further compromises our great country.

Its not enough to just sit back and complain on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Its up to each and every one of us to stand up and work towards changing the dialog in our country.