President Biden, a message from your faithful: if you don’t listen now, you will lose the presidency.

President Biden,

We, the faithful, do not doubt your ability or record, but we do seriously doubt your ability to understand how old and feeble you look and how detrimental that is to your campaign.

If you don’t address the following issues, you will lose the optics war and ability to garner votes from the undecided who demand you look healthy and energetic.

You have a decision to make: let go of your god-damn ego, stop laughing off your appearance of old age like it doesn’t exist, and do the following.  

Remove 75 minutes out of your schedule every day,

  1. Use 45 minutes to get extra rest, with no exceptions. You are clearly worn out, and that is likely the most significant contributor to your abysmal debate performance, cold or no cold.  
  2. Add 30 minutes every day to work with a physical therapist to strengthen your body, your gait, and your posture and flexibility. You shuffle like a feeble older man; you have no strength left in your step, and you need daily stretching and calisthenics to make you appear more healthy.  

We will support you until the end, President Biden, but if this is all about your ego and refusal to acknowledge that you look very old and your refusal to address these optics, you will lose, and you will lose the faith we have in you.

Your presidency will go down in history as passing the most consequential legislation in many decades. A phenomenal legacy. We see it, but those on the fence only care about how you look and act.

It’s time your optics match your accomplishments.


Every single vote you already have.

P.S. If you are one of President Biden’s handlers, please put this letter in front of him.

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