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Anti Trump Post Cards


Send them to your friends, family & neighbors

– Micro-Campaign in your Community
– Standard 1st Class Postcard
– Made in the USA

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Funny Anti Trump postcards for 2024. This funny Anti-Trump message is payback for all of Donald’s mean nicknames. Donald Trump has given so many public figures terrible nicknames. So we decided to give him a taste of his own medicine for the 2024 presidential election with these cards to send to friends and family: STD – Stop the Donald.

Trump’s political action committee is already running attack ads

Great to send to other anti trump supporters.

Shop now and order your sticker products. And share some with friends and family too!  Anyone concerned with the threat trump poses to our Country can use our anti trump cards to express their disgust. So don’t give up your rights to this hysterical expression of free speech.

Trump’s hate is an attack on our American way of life. So this year, if you are in agreement with us, be active and visible in your community, support Joe Biden in the White House, stand with reasonable American people, and Stop the Donald. The world is a better place without people like him. Another president trump in 2024 would be intolerable!  Things will get easier if we all stand together for our disease control campaign and against the infection to Americans Donald Trump represents.

So remember to vote, do your postcard writing to spread the word and let’s stop the Trump team once and for all.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 in

5-Pack, 15-Pack, 25-Pack, 50-Pack, 100-Pack

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