Removable Stop the Donald Stickers

All Stop the Donald stickers have a low tack adhesive that is strong enough to keep your decal on, but easy enough to remove once the election is over.
Simply peel the backing and apply to a clean dry surface, be sure to apply pressure starting in the center of the decal and work your way out.

Low Tack Adhesive – less sticky than conventional bumper stickers so you can remove it after the election. Because of this, be sure to clean the surface and dry very well and press and rub your decal very firmly, especially on the edges to create a good seal.

UV Coated – Since Late August, 2019 all of our stickers have a UV coat to promote long life. We have worked very hard with our supplier to make this work on this special low tack adhesive material. We were extremely excited when we got this done.

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