Yes, we REALLY don’t like Trump, and are more than happy to do the tireless work of making fun of the Tantrum Tossing Tangerine Toddler!

In 2016 when Donald won the Republican nomination, my wife and I were mortified. We watched him climb the ranks, we did the only thing we know how to do when dealing with a bully. …. Make fun of him.

The Donald is like a disease, growing in the minds of all the dis-affected, the selfish, and the just plain mean. People in our country were, and continue to be, so willing to scapegoat anything to make themselves feel some small sense of control and power. And Donald gives them the security they crave. Validation that selfishness and ignorance are acceptable American norms.

So now in 2022, as we watch and wait, we are ready to start going at it again with “The Donald” as soon as he declares his candidacy.

Below we put together a great collage of ways you can make fun of The Donald too. We do feel that mockery and satire are great ways to attack the bully. Enjoy and speak out, no matter what!

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