(Opinion) 91-times indicted Trump hosts the new “American Oligarchs”, and the battle lines are drawn for 2024

(Opinion)Communications director for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, Michael Tyler, said it best regarding Trump’s fundraiser at Mar-a-lago yesterday. “The whole lot of them are billionaires, scammers, extremists, and racists who understand if they fund Trump’s legal fees, he’s going to cut their taxes while he cuts our social security.”

Hard-working, decent Americans would consider it unfathomable that these billionaires are so unscrupulous that they would donate money in record-breaking numbers to Trump’s campaign. Think about that: would you support a 91-times indicted man already convicted of sexual assault and fraud?

 If you are one of the 99% in America who has to work to make ends meet, the contrast between Trump’s campaign of criminality and President Biden’s campaign to raise up all Americans couldn’t be clearer. We feel what’s right and what’s not in our bones. Our parents and grandparents taught us that. 

At the fundraiser last night, Trump told his billionaire cronies that he will keep their taxes low. Surprise, surprise. The battle lines are here, between regular Americans and those super-rich, the real drivers of Trump’s campaign, who feel they are above the law.

So we are asking you to counter-punch hard, stay motivated, understand what is at stake, and be active in your community. Today, most importantly, donate to the Biden campaign. Let’s show Trump’s 50 Million-dollar pals what average Americans can do when they continue to stand up to injustice.

You can donate to Joe Biden’s campaign right here: https://joebiden.com/

As the Biden campaign says, America is back. Let’s keep it that way!

For our part at Stop the Donald, we do not stop for one second. We fight for the security and freedom that is the promise of our constitution. And will work endlessly to keep it so that our children can continue to perfect our Union.

Get the word out with stickers, magnetsyard signsflagshats, and more.  Signage in our communities makes a real difference.  Get some for your friends, family, and neighbors, and keep, keep, keep pushing til Nov. 5th.

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