Great News, “No Labels” is No More

Big news today, the No Labels organization has officially closed up shop. This good news couldn’t come at a better time to help offset conspiracy theory nut JFK Junior’s running mate announcement last week.

We wonder how much the passing of No Labels co-founder Joe Leiberman had to do with the timing of this decision, but we are happy that there is one less selfish and self-serving entity out there trying to tear down our democracy by taking votes from President Biden.

Now take a moment, and now get back to work. We have so much to do if we want to ensure our democracy stays intact under the leadership of President Biden.

For our part, we do not stop for one second. We fight for the security and freedom that is the promise of our constitution. And will work endlessly to keep it so that our children can continue to perfect our Union.

Get the word out with stickers, magnetsyard signsflagshats, and more.  Signage in our communities makes a real difference.  Get some for your friends, family, and neighbors, and keep, keep, keep pushing til Nov. 5th.

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